Welcome to SERET,
the London Israeli Film Festival

SERET, the London Israeli Film and Television Festival, was held from June 9th – 16th 2013 at cinemas across London.

It is the vision of three Israeli women, all passionate about film, Odelia Mammon Haroush, Anat Koren and Patty Hochmann.

SERET showcases the best in current Israeli film and television, bringing a special selection of Israeli drama and comedy features, documentaries, shorts and TV series, with workshops for those in the film and television industries to join. There are UK premieres, gala events and Q & As with the film makers to enjoy and consider.

This year’s festival featured around 25 films, documentaries and TV series, nearly twice as many as in 2012. They reflect recent and contemporary Israel; whether its perspectives on how old and young people feel about the country they live in; the effects of the Intifadas; turning from conflict to brotherhood amongst the different religious communities living in Israel; gay and lesbian lifestyles, or rejecting religious orthodoxy.

SERET is honoured to have the support of actor director Assi Dayan, who attended the premiere of his film Dr. Pomerantz at this year’s festival opening Gala, at BAFTA June 9th.   Assi has made an outstanding contribution to Israeli and international film and television.  The festival features a retrospective of Assi’s work including Dr. Pomerantz, Mr. Baum, Halfron Hill Doesn’t Answer and Life According to Agfa.

The 2014 Festival will be held from June 15th to 22nd.  We hope to see you there!


Odelia Haroush, Anat Koren and Patty Hochmann


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We would like to thank our patrons for their considerable support of SERET 2013:

Emma and Neville Shulman CBE, Jill Samuels, Maureen Fisher, Linda Ann Kelly & Ruth Lev Ari, Iris Ambor

And our Festival Friends:

Iris Zaki, Sharon Buenos, Ilana Wegrzyn, Ongi & Danny Ungar, Asher Tlalim & Yoram Allon


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